The Berlin based Comic Artist Kenan Wünnecke uses traditional ink in tandem with digital art to create comics with an international look. Originally a caretaker for people with disabilities, they use their work experience to bring a fresh perspective to their stories.

Kenan spent their youth reading every comic they could get their hands on, especially when it came to Superheroes and Manga. Their first steps into the realm of arts were drawing fanart and joining community projects in online Fandoms. Using their online Pesudonym Norpegia they have created many Fanworks including creating their own Cosplays.

Today they publish Comics that deal with the search for identity and the question of how we define ourselves in a world full of adversity.


  • The Machinist (240 pages, 2022)

  • The Summoning (8 Pages, published in “The Porn Comic” 2022) WEIRD

  • Fanart is Awesome, here is why (36 Pages, 2022)

  • Reflections (Anthology, 32 pages, 2022)